At 17 years old, Emmanuel is invited to dance in a group for a talent competition. After this experience, a strong interest and passion for dancing grew within him. Subsequently, “Pery” attended classes from a renowned dance academy, where he met Professor Pedro Avilés. Pedro invites him to participate in the auditions to be part of the G.O.P. "Crew".

Emmanuel was part of a competition held in Las Vegas, Nevada called "Hip-Hop International 2011." His career in the field covers a large part in presentations at various events in Puerto Rico with known artists such as Dylan and Lenny, Vico C, Arcangel, Yaga & Makie, Andy Montanez, Tito El Bambino, Manny Montes, and Kilatons Reypirin , among others. In G.O.P., he has served as a teacher, currently teaching.

Intermediate Hip-Hop. With the “crew” he has presented in “Quiero Ser Estrella”, “Hip Hop International” 2011 and ABDC Season 6.
Within his long-term goals, Emmanuel wants to be become one of the most renowned choreographers in Puerto Rico as well as have his own academy.