About G.O.P.


        G.O.P dance Inc. is an independent urban dance corporation where members demonstrate their talents – already evident in them – through synchronized routines in various styles: Hip Hop, Jazz, Zumba, Salsa, Bachata-Guajira, Acro/Tricks, Break 101, Girly, L.A. Style, Popping, House, Krump, amongst others.


             G.O.P. started out twenty two (22) years ago [January 12, 1994] led by four (4) young people interested in showing their art to the public.

             It was founded by choreographer and producer Pedro Avilés, who had the desire to create a group in which the sentiments of the youth would be expressed through positive messages. What better way to express this than dancing, which is the soul of youth and never gets old, while demonstrating what’s inside of each person?

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          The name G.O.P. DANCE Inc. arises because of a promise and its acronym stands for “Group of Peace”, in “our own street way of life”. By taking a Ying-Yang logo (☯) – symbol of good and evil together – in the letter O, it portrays that “in everything good there is something bad and in everything bad, something good”.

        In the beginning, the group was helped and sponsored unconditionally with practice facilities by the María Auxiliadora Parish of Cantera (Oratory San Juan Bosco) to which G.O.P. is very grateful to, as well as the San Juan municipality and its directors, who also supported the group with facilities.  Currently, G.O.P. is located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, seconds from the Bellas Artes Center.


        To be admitted to G.O.P. Dance, the candidates must possess the necessary talent and coordination. Also, they cannot have any type of vice while being part of the organization. This way, these young men and women are distracted and “brought out” from the dangers of street life.

             G.O.P. DANCE Inc. is comprised of young dancers between the ages of fourteen  minimum to thirty-three years maximum (exceptions considerable) of different cities in the metropolitan area, including residential neighborhoods, developments, and sectors. In short, we have all kinds of people, that when joined together make up the best Puerto Rican urban dance company.

                By our hands more than 13,780 young men and women have passed, and this number increases year by year.

  • Zoe

    en que se basa las clases de girlylicious?

    • gopdance

      Estilo urbano de baile con movimientos corporales dirigido exclusivamente para chicas.

  • Orianne

    Do you have to have experience to start dancing? Do you work with people who want to learn to dance, like beginners?

    • Gop Dance

      You can go to this school to learn from zero. Just go to our Iso Funk Class – Mondays at 6:30pm or to our new Classes of Grooves (Beginners) that starts this next Wednesdays at 6pm. See you there!!! Info: 787.774.4444

  • Patricia Rodriguez

    Hola tengo 16 años llevaba tiempo bailando en la academia Alicia Extreme Dance Academy me gustaria probar cosas nuevas ahora…… que clases pudiera coger? Cuanto vale una clase?

    • Gop Dance

      9dol la primera clase sin ningun compromise…..
      entra a nuestra seccion de clases y visitanos a la mas que te llame la atencion….

  • kevin

    Buenas Noches tengo un nino de 12 anos. Es sordo pero tiene un implante coclear que escucha por un oido un 92%. Que clase tiene los sabados que el pueda tomar?. Gracias por la informcion

    • gopdance

      Puede ir cuando guste a las clases de los sabados a las 10am Reggaeton kidz or Hip Hop Kidz (martes a las6pm)


    q clase una nena de 14 anos puede cojer

    • gopdance

      Puede Coger:
      – Girlylicious /// Sabados 9am
      – Hip Hop Ninos /// Sabados 11am & Martes 6pm
      – Locking /// jueves 6pm
      – Jazz //// Jueves 6pm o sabados 3pm

      entre otras clases 🙂

    • gopdance

      Puede coger….Girlylicious sabados 9am
      hip hop ninos 9-15 Sabados 11pm y martes 6pm…..mas varias otras clases…

  • Amaya

    Is it in Spanish

    • gopdance

      yes …but we have a few of our teachers that are full billingual

  • Adriana

    Cuantos años tienes que tener para estar?

    • gopdance

      Nosotros damos clases desde los 3 anos de edad. Los sabados a las 9am Baby Hip Hop y a las 10:10am Baby Jazz

  • EmiNaomi

    hay un tipo de mensualidad? si lo hay, cuanto es?

    • gopdance

      Las Mensualidades y paquetes varian de acuerdo a la oferta de la clase que desees. Llama al: 787.207.6241 o al 787.925.9955 para informacion mas detallada

  • tourist from texas

    What is your address??

    • gopdance

      San Patricio Plaza, 3er Nivel Multilevel Parking, San Juan PR

  • Milenys


  • Angie LOpez

    chicos mexico espera su venida.. SABOR LATINO ANTE TODO!!!

  • y q segan asia delante lo suporto

  • wow me gustaria ser parte pero ya no vivo en pr pro si fui criado y nacido en ponce pr