787 Crew

  • alisha

    Hey I really would like to learn how to dance like you all, when will you all come to Illinois?

  • Perky

    Wow Alfin los encuentro! :D Recuerdo mis primeras clases con ustdes. Antes de Ser 787 XD

    Ahora si podre participar de nuevo! Espero verlos pronto. EXITO!

  • http://twitter.com/JustNicolHere Nicol Contreras

    Been thinking about joining GOP dance but my mom says first I got to bring up my notes in school. So I’m going to do it for you guys p.s.I live in Puerto Rico

    • gopdance

      NIceeee…..trabaja fuerte entonces para que formes parte de la familia…

  • http://twitter.com/Eve_Castronovo ICONic Ferver

    I love you guys !! <3 From Chile

  • Your Fan

    Puerto Rico is known! Keep up the creativity and holla! You guys are awesome!

  • highvoltage4

    I was so excited when I found out that you guys would be in Vegas sometime in 2013 because I was going to be there as well. but then when I found out that you weren’t going to be there until July, I was a little sad. I will be there in April with my cheerleading team. We will be there for Nationals. I was getting excited that I might actually be in the same city as 787 Crew….but not now. But it’s okay! I still love you guys so much and that’s why I was a little disappointed. You guys inspire me to work harder for my dream in All-Star Cheerleading. I feel like the style of dancing you guys do is alot like cheerleading. We tumble (back tucks, full twists, backhandsprings), we do stunts, and we even have a section in our routine just for a dance (usually hip hop). so i know how hard it is to do this stuff and i appreciate all that you do <3 I love the way you show your personalities through dancing:) Well Bueno Suerte in all that you do in Canada and in Las Vegas!!

  • LoLo

    Love you guys! Would love to see more videos! Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/christian.monterolopez Christian Montero Lopez

    es el code para vivir por 787

  • cheerstar787

    do you guys know if you will be coming anywhere near boise,Idaho? I really want to see you guys perform in person! it would mean the world to me! i love you guys so much! i think you guys were so much better than any of the acts who go voted through to the semi finals on agt! you guys should have been put through!

    • gopdance

      We really appreciate your words.. Thanks. For the moment wr are not going
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      • cheerstar787

        Your welcome:) I love to watch you guys dance! You are my inspiration! Keep up the good work! When are you guys doing your next twitcam? If you know at the moment. Please let all of the guys know that i love them! Thank you, 787 Crew!

  • Tracy a.k.a tree

    Fuerza para America got talent!!! I love 787 crew  
    your fan from switzerland!!!!!!!!
    Hola!!!!!!     Tracy  a.k.a tree

    • gopdance

      Graciasssss :)

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  • FLYCr3w23


  • marcos

    Soy venezolano y aun asi digo VIVA PUERTO RICO

    me encanta su cultura y su musica (obvio que reggaeton)

    Pero 787 Crew se merecio ganar contra Phunk Phenomenon pero igual ustedes fueron los mejores aun mas que ICONic Boyz son lo mejor de lo mejor VIVA PUERTO RICO

  • Careliz25

    q es lo q aran el 7 y 8 d julio cn vinny castronovo ustedes y iconic boyz son mis bailarines favoritos

  • Livan Orlando Rios Santiago

    me gusta sus coreografia y sus maromas me interesa cojer clases con ustedes

  • andrea

    el mejor crew que e visto en toda mi vida sinceramente, fuiron mi inspiracion por el baile si no hubiese sido por ustedes nunca hubiera desarollado mis destresas para poder bailar los amo un montos y buena suerte en todo lo que les viene en el futuro! :) <3

  • Coralys Rosado

    Definitivamente son los mejores. Siempre lo he dicho y seguire diciendo, es una pena que los jueces no los dejaran mas tiempo pero para nosotros siempre seran los mejores. No necesitaron ganar para lograr lo que han logrado y para continuar poniendo el nombre de Puerto Rico en alto. Nunca se rindan porque sus fans, tanto aqui de PR como en el resto del mundo, los continuaremos apoyando <3 Mucho love para todos :D